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Asiangrocery.nl - Low Price Online Indian Grocery Store In the Netherlands

It was a sunny day in the Netherlands when we decided to make some authentic Indian and Pakistani food for our friends. However, we quickly realized that it would be a difficult task to find all of the original ingredients and spices necessary for our own dishes. So we decided to start our own Indian grocery store in Amsterdam and online shop.

The store steadily gains popularity among locals and the expat community in the Netherlands. Our customer loved being able to cook authentic meals from their home countries, and trying new food cultures, without having to travel halfway around the world. The business partners were very happy with the success of the store and vowed to continue providing the best ingredients possible so that everyone could enjoy delicious Indian, Pakistan and Suriname dishes.

At asiangrocery.nl you can always find authentic and high-quality food ingredients, groceries, or spices from Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, or Korea. We always import new products every month so you can enjoy our wide selection of these great goods at your convenience.

With our our Indian groceries online in Netherlands, you can get your favourite products delivered right at home in the whole Netherlands. Just choose the items that interest you and click “Order”, then you are done. 

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  • Premium food products with affordable prices: We believe good food doesn’t need to be expensive. At Asian Grocery, you can always get high-quality Indian, Pakistan, Suriname and Asian groceries, at an affordable price.
  • Variety of choice: You ask it, we have it! With a wide range of product categories to choose from, you can find almost any genuine Indian spice or tea. From spices like Grond Katira; teas such as PG Tips Black Tea in your choice flavors: natural sweetener optional!
  • A to Z customer service: We want you to have a great experience with us, so we’re always happy for the chance to chat. If there’s anything on your mind or any requests that need making happen – don’t hesitate! You can contact us via WhatsApp messenger at any time of day/night whatever works best for you.